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We’re constantly working to find new ways to reduce our environmental impact: from the way our farmers grow their produce, to how our final product is transported. It’s all part of our Big Green Plan.

Pouch recycling

We’ve teamed up with British recycling innovator Enval to use their ground-breaking technology to recycle the materials from our pouches, so nothing ends up in landfill! But we need your help to do it.
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Little Freddie prepaid envelope for recycling pouches


This year we managed to reduce the packaging needed to deliver our goods by 20% per order. Less packaging means we can fit more into our vehicles, which reduces our trips and in turn our carbon emissions.
Little Freddie pouches in a cupboard

Sustainable production

We handpick all our organic growers – choosing local farms wherever possible – and help them on their sustainability projects.

Our Italian carrot grower, Alessandro Aureli, powers his factory by burning the corn that protects his fields and carrot peelings in his biogas plant. The organic waste is then ploughed back into the earth as a natural and rich fertilizer.
A child holding carrots


Every ingredient in our food is EU certified organic. So that’s no GM, no manufactured herbicides, no artificial fertilizers and few pesticides approved for use in organic agriculture.

Fair working conditions

We’re committed to working with suppliers who have the same high standards as we do to ensure fair working conditions throughout our supply chains.
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