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Recycling pouches

Here at Little Freddie, we’re working to ensure our delicious baby food products are as good for the planet as they are for babies.

So we’ve launched an innovative pouch recycling scheme with the aim that none of our food pouches will end up in landfill.

It’s just one of the ways we’re working to improve the sustainability of our products as part of our Big Green Plan.

Recycling your pouches

We’ve teamed up with British recycling innovator Enval to use their ground-breaking technology to recycle the materials from our pouches.

But we need your help to start the process.

With each Little Freddie purchase on our website we’ll send you a free recycling bag for you to fill with your empty Little Freddie pouches. You can also order a bag by emailing us at with your name and address or through our contact page.

Once you’ve collected 15 pouches, simply seal the bag and pop it in the post for free!

Enval will then use its technology to break down the aluminium and plastic from the pouch. The aluminium will be used again and the plastic will be recycled into oil that can be used as fuel. The gas by-product of the process is used to power the plant. Leaving absolutely nothing to go to landfill.

The recycling process for Little Freddie pouches The recycling process for Little Freddie pouches

Producing aluminium via the Enval process has a carbon footprint 72% smaller than primary aluminium, and disposing of baby food pouches in this way has a 90% smaller carbon footprint than current methods.

We’re the first brand to do this in the UK but we hope we’re not the last. We’d like to see this technology adopted throughout the world as part of government recycling plans.

What are Little Freddie pouches made from?

Little Freddie pouches are made from aluminium sandwiched in between different plastic layers to protect our delicious baby food and ensure it is safe.

What is Enval and how does it recycle the pouches?

Enval Limited is a small British company spun out of the Department of Chemical Engineering at the University of Cambridge. It has developed a patented technology for recycling plastic aluminium laminates - the materials that we use in our pouches.

Enval’s technology, based on a process called Microwave Induced Pyrolysis, degrades the plastic present in the laminate (and any other organic materials such as product residues) to form other useful products (pyrolysis oils) that can be used elsewhere. The aluminium foil remains intact after processing and is extracted, clean and ready to reintroduce back into the aluminium supply chain. The plastic is recycled into oil to be used as fuel. Leaving nothing to go to landfill.

How many pouches can I recycle at a time?

Our specially designed recyclable bag can fit up to 15 Little Freddie pouches. If you post the bag once it’s full, it reduces our environmental impact even further as there’s less trips for the postman.

Can I post the recycling bag in a postbox?

Yes, we’ve paid the postage of the recycling bag already so all you need to do is fill it with your used Little Freddie pouches and pop it in the postbox.

Can I recycle the lid?

Yes, you can recycle the lid with your normal recycling at home. Please check on Recycle Now if your council is able to collect polypropylene (number 5 plastic).

Recycle Now
How much does it cost?

It is completely free to recycle your Little Freddie pouches: we’ll send you the bag for free and we’ve paid all the postage for you to send it back... for free!

Do I need to clean the pouch?

If you can squeeze out as much of the food as you can before you pop it in the recycling bag that would be great. It can then go straight into the recycler at Enval.

Can I recycle baby food pouches that aren’t Little Freddie?

Different brands use different baby food pouches so we cannot guarantee that they are recyclable. For this reason please only put Little Freddie pouches in our bags.

Why can’t I put the pouches in my recycling bin at home?

We use the best quality pouches to ensure that our products always stay safe and fresh without the use of any preservatives, whilst keeping our carbon footprint and environmental impact as low as we can.

The Enval process isn’t currently available through your local authority, so if you put your pouches in your recycling bin at home they won’t be recycled. That’s why we teamed up with Enval to introduce this scheme. Our goal is that none of our pouches end up in landfill.

What happens to the recycling bags?

The plastic recycling bags used to send your pouches are recycled using the Enval process as well.

What is Little Freddie’s Big Green Plan?

Little Freddie’s pouch recycling scheme is just one part of our Big Green Plan to reduce our environmental impact.

Big Green Plan