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Feeding tips

We know that you know that feeding time can be difficult, so let’s get stuck into some tried-and-tested ideas from parents and our nutritionist, Jo.

Feeding tips Feeding tips

• Let your baby see what you’re feeding them – if it’s in a pouch, squeeze it out so they can see it, smell it and feel it.

• Encourage self-feeding and hands-on mealtimes. Try giving your baby a spoon dipped in puree to hold and taste from.

• Only heat up what you think your baby will want to eat – keep the rest in the fridge or freeze in an ice cube tray for another day.

• Use some soft vegetables or finger foods at mealtimes to let your baby explore more textures. Topping up with puree ensures they get the nutrients they need until they’ve mastered their feeding skills.

• Stop when your baby signals they’re full – if you misread the signs, then babies can learn to overeat.

• Eat together whenever possible – families who eat together tend to have healthier habits.

• Never force feed – if your baby is not keen on a flavour or food then try combining it with or offer it alongside something they do like.

• Gently try and try again – it can take a baby lots of tries before they get to like foods, especially those which are bitter like green vegetables.

• Have clear cues that it’s feeding time – TV off, wash hands, sit in high chair and bib on.