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Essential nourishment

Your baby’s first few years are hugely important for their growth and development so it’s vital they get the right nourishment to set them up with a strong body and mind.

We wholeheartedly encourage you to try your baby on a range of foods with different textures, flavours, smells and colours so they get all the nutrition they need.

Our nutritionist, Jo, has outlined the essential vitamins and minerals below that babies need once they start their weaning journey.

Essential nourishment Essential nourishment

Iron is essential for growth and development. Stores your baby was born with will start to run out at six months, so it’s really important they eat sources of iron in their diet such as meat, legumes, wholegrain breads, cereals and dark leafy vegetables.

Zinc is another essential mineral that needs to come from the diet once weaning begins. Good sources of zinc include meat, poultry and egg yolks.

Energy is vital to keep your baby growing. On average, babies triple their weight in the first year of life alone and they need serious energy to fuel this. This is best met with carbohydrates and fat so protein can be used for growth and repair. Good sources of energy are lactose, cereals, fruits and vegetables. Avoid simple sugars or added sugars as they contain no nutrients.

Fat provides both energy and vitamins for babies. Full fat products are recommended for at least the first two years of life.
Protein is needed for growth and repair. For babies it is the quality of the protein that is important. Breast milk or formula provides an excellent protein source in the early months.

While nutrients and minerals are vital, it’s important to remember a diet covers every meal in a day so there are plenty of opportunities to nourish your baby. A balanced diet incorporates all these vitamins and minerals through a good mix of vegetables, proteins and fats.

For more in-depth nutritional information, see our nutritional advice page here.