Somerset yoghurt

"Over and above any other yoghurts I've tasted, Greek style yoghurt has always been the best, with its thicker and creamier texture than regular yoghurts. It's made with our delicious whole milk and cream from our family run farms in Somerset."

How it's made

Father and son farmers Lyndon and Thomas know each one of their 165 beautiful Holstein-Friesian cows by name. These cows are the 20th generation to naturally graze on the same fields of grass, clover and cress for as much of the year as the British weather allows. Unlike intensive dairy farming, organic dairy cows are left to only produce as much milk as they would naturally.


Each of our yoghurt blends are made with organic whole milk and are a source of calcium, which helps to build strong bones and teeth.

Why not try our yoghurt as a dip when introducing your baby to finger foods.

You'll find this ingredient in...

Surprising Sweet Potato & Carrot Greek Style Yoghurt

Perfect Start Prune Greek Style Yoghurt with Oats

Creamy Blueberry & Banana Greek Style Yoghurt

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