Italian carrots

“The Aureli family don't care what their carrots look like, just that they are full of flavour and nutrition, and our taste tests confirmed this. Twenty-four hours after harvesting the carrots the family will puree them (unlike some companies that can store them for four months) and check the consistency every 30 minutes to ensure a perfect result every time.”

How it's grown

The Aureli family's 50 years of experience growing carrots has taught them to create some of the tastiest and most nutritious carrots around, all of which hold Protected Geographical Indication – a highly coveted recognition of quality.

In addition to treating their produce with the utmost care, the family shows incredible respect for the land they farm, working hard to sustain its fertility for the future.


Carrots are high in beta carotene, which helps support your body’s natural defence against illness and infection, helps maintain eye health and improves skin condition.

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