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Big Green Plan - Planet

We believe every small step to reduce our impact on the planet is better than doing nothing. Some areas are easier than others but we will continue to work year on year to improve lowering our carbon footprint and reducing our food surplus and water use.

Little Freddie's Big Green Plan Planet section Little Freddie's Big Green Plan Planet section

Carbon footprint

Our aim is to reduce our carbon footprint by 10% every year through improving our total supply chain. This takes time and is a big challenge however we have already made some big changes in our first year:

Food waste

Our goal is that by 2022 we’ll be sending zero food waste to landfill by reducing our food surplus and donating 100% of what is left that can’t be sold.


Working with our suppliers we will have measured their water use by 2025 so we can work to reduce this where we can. 

Reducing our impact

We're supporting our suppliers against the adverse effects of climate change.


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