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Big Green Plan - Packaging

Our packaging is an important part of our products - our specially designed pouches keep our food safe and fresh without the use of any preservatives and our delivery boxes ensure they arrive with you safely. But we also want to minimise their impact on the planet and we're working in three ways to make this happen.

Little Freddie's Big Green Plan Packaging section Little Freddie's Big Green Plan Packaging section

Award-winning pouch recycling

By 2025 we want 100% of our plastic packaging to be reusable, recyclable or compostable. And with our UK-first partnership to recycle any brand of baby food pouches into, well, nothing, we've already made great strides to achieve our goal.

Our specially designed pouches keep our food safe and fresh without the use of any preservatives, and have a lower carbon footprint to create compared to glass or other alternatives.

But like all pouches of this kind they can't be recycled through your household recycling. And we just thought that wasn't good enough! Our aim is that no baby food pouches end up in landfill.

So rather than waiting for household recycling collectors to come up with a solution, we searched for a recycling partner that could recycle our pouches and others in the best way possible while making it EASY for parents to use. Enter recycling innovator Enval.

Other recycling initiatives use baby food pouches to make new products that are then not recyclable at their end of life. Enval's first of its kind technology breaks down pouches into their different materials - aluminium and plastic. The aluminium can be re-used and the plastic becomes oil for fuel. The gas by-product from the process is used to power the recycling plant. Leaving absolutely nothing to go to landfill!

Enval's process for recycling baby food pouches Enval's process for recycling baby food pouches

We're the first and only baby food brand in the UK to use this technology to recycle baby food pouches and we hope we’re not the last.

Got a question? Visit our recycle your pouches page.

Recycle your pouches

Join our recycling revolution by returning your empty baby food pouches using our recyclable recycling bags.

Pick up your recycling bag for 99p (RRP) from the baby food aisle of Sainsbury’s and Daylesford and online with Ocado and Eversfield Organic.

Simply fill the bag with any brand of empty baby food pouches and send it for free via your local postbox.

For more on the process visit our recycle your pouches page.

Sustainable materials

We like our products to arrive in tip top condition but we don’t want to harm the environment in doing so. So we set ourselves the goal that 100% of our cardboard packaging would be sustainably sourced.

Sustainable design

Every year we’re working towards our goal of reducing our packaging weight and waste by 5%.


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