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Somerset, England

Situated in the Mendip Hills – an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty – you’ll find green hills, abundant fields and a farmer named Thomas making the freshest, tastiest organic milk.

Thomas’ family has been farming this land in Somerset, England for close to 500 years and it’s here we source the milk that is used to create our organic Greek style yoghurt.

With a climate ideal for grassland farming, this quaint corner of England is famous for its dairy farms and with good reason; some of the best dairy produce in the country starts right here.

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Although it’s long days on the farms, Thomas’ passion for farming organically is clear.

“We like to see the cows be naturally fed. We’re not using sprays or pesticides, just nature manure,” he said.

“There’s nothing better than to be on your own land, doing your own thing. What more could you want?”

The fields that the cows peacefully graze on are luscious and green, sprouting fresh grass, clover, rye and wildflowers.

As well as being allowed to graze naturally, Thomas’ dairy cows are not pushed to produced huge quantities of milk so live healthy, happy lives. This results in a much higher quality milk when compared to conventional, high volume farming and, in turn, means our yoghurt is the best is can be.

Organic milk is considered to have higher quantities of protein and omega 3 than conventional milk and, once turned into yoghurt, the health benefits continue. Yoghurt has long believed to be beneficial for the gut, helping good bacteria thrive which can impact everything from your immune system to your mood.

This farm helps us create

Blueberry & Banana Greek Style Yoghurt

Blueberry & Banana Greek Style Yoghurt

Sweet Potato & Carrot Greek style yoghurt

Sweet Potato & Carrot Greek style yoghurt