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Our exceptional ingredients

Husband and wife team and founders Piers and Taslim have travelled the world in search of exceptional ingredients and used them to create recipes that deliver on taste and nutrition. These are some of the farmers they’ve met along the way who we now work closely with.

Kopaonik, Serbia

Organic prunes
In the largest mountain range in Serbia you’ll find an area blessed with, on average, 200 sunny days a year with fertile organic soils and numerous microclimates which are perfect for plums.

Nicknamed the ‘Mountain of the Sun’, it’s here that you’ll find around 100 small family-run farms growing plums and drying them into prunes for one of our bestselling pouches – Prune & Apple.
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Kopaonik, Serbia

Somerset, England

Organic milk used in Greek Style Yoghurt
Situated in the Mendip Hills – an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty – you’ll find green hills, abundant fields and a farmer named Thomas making the freshest, tastiest organic milk.

Thomas’ family has been farming this land in Somerset, England for close to 500 years and it’s here we source the milk that is used to create our organic Greek style yoghurt.
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Abruzzo, Italy

Organic carrots
An hour and a half drive outside of Rome and a world away is an ancient drained lake surrounded by snow-capped mountains, endless greenery and one of Italy’s oldest national parks where brown bears, golden eagles and wolves roam free. Inside this remote lake – now a 37-mile wide basin – you’ll find three dedicated brothers growing some of the most delicious, sweet, creamy and juicy carrots you’ve ever tasted.
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Abruzzo, Italy

The Dolomites, Italy

Organic apples
Near the lush and picturesque mountains of the Dolomites in Italy’s north, fertile soils, fresh air and pure mountain water come together to create perfect growing conditions for some of the most delicious produce you can get your hands on.
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The Dolomites, Italy

Almonte, Spain

Organic strawberries
Nestled within the Huelva province of southern Spain in the Almonte region – a place known for its delicious and fragrant berries – is a family-run farm where we source some of the very best strawberries from.
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Organic strawberries, Huelva, Almonte, Spain

Shropshire, England

Organic quinoa
Originally a humble South American staple, quinoa has blossomed in popularity recently, in large part to its rising status as a nutritional superhero.

This nutty little ‘pseudograin’ is, in actual fact, a seed and is now in such high demand in the UK from health-conscious foodies that it’s received a quintessential British makeover thanks to a couple of innovative farmers in England’s Midlands.
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Organic quinoa, Shropshire, England

Malavicina Roverbella, Italy

Organic peaches
A short drive away from Verona – a city famed for its romantic ties to Romeo and Juliet – is a picturesque province that looks like it’s straight from its own story. We’re in northeast Italy near Lake Garda, in Malavicina Roverbella, where our fragrant and juicy peaches are grown.
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Organic peaches, Malavicina Roverbella, Lombardy, Italy

Puglia, Italy

Organic tomatoes
Italy is synonymous with tomatoes and because they are integral to so many classic Italian dishes, it’s an ingredient that the locals take very seriously. This is especially true of Puglia in Southern Italy where the weather and landscape combine to create the perfect conditions to grow some of the tastiest tomatoes in the country.
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Organic tomatoes, Puglia in Italy

Alford, Scotland

Organic oats
Just outside of Aberdeen in the scenic Scottish countryside, John and Carol Medlock have been growing and milling golden, nutty and delicious oats for most of their lives.

John is a second-generation farmer who grew up on the same land he now tends and not much has changed – he still only grows oats...and he grows them well.
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Organic Oats from Alford, Scotland