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Our founders

Little Freddie was born when our founders, husband and wife team Piers and Taslim, started their family and discovered the food on offer at the time fell short of what they wished for.

“We wanted higher quality products with more of the ingredients that mattered and fewer fillers such as water. We also wanted more up-to-date and relevant recipes in tune with how we were eating so the kids could grow up loving real food and real flavours.” ~ Piers, co-founder

Their solution? Start making their own high-quality baby food that was nutritious, high quality and didn’t compromise on taste.

The duo sought out the very best ingredients from farms big and small and, in 2014, launched the brand under the careful supervision of fussy foodie and Chief Tasting Officer, Freddie, who also happens to be their son.

Since then, they’ve continued to personally seek out the most nourishing and tastiest ingredients for every Little Freddie recipe. It’s not just their job, it’s their obsession.

Piers with Amelia and Freddie in the kitchen Piers with Amelia and Freddie in the kitchen
One-on-one with co-founder Piers
Amelia is your first born but you named the company after your youngest, Freddie. Is Amelia upset you didn’t name your company after her?

“Not yet! She proudly tells her friends the company was named after her brother. We involve her just as much as her brother, so I think she feels equally involved and proud.”

Why did you decide to start a baby food brand?

“My wife and I decided to start Little Freddie after using existing products in the market which we felt fell short of what we wished for. We wanted higher quality products with more of the ingredients that mattered and fewer fillers such as water. We also wanted more up-to-date and relevant recipes in tune with how we were eating so the kids could grow up loving real food and real flavours.”

Why do you use 100% organic produce in all your products?

“Organic produce epitomises the pursuit of quality, sustainability and harmony. You can’t force organic produce and you can’t rush it; you have to work with nature and let things grow in harmony. Speak to any organic farmer and they will tell you it’s a labour of love. I love that perseverance, that belief and that dedication; I want to support it. It’s something I’m proud to be part of.”

You personally visit many of the farms that you source produce from, which is very unusual for a founder and CEO. Why do you do this?

“It’s really important to me to know where we source our ingredients from and the farmers who grow our produce. I’m very selective about what ingredients we use because they are the foundation for good food – that’s where it all starts and that is why I spend so much time focussed on it."

"It also happens to be a passion of mine so is something I do willingly and gladly. I’m fascinated by why x is better grown where it is – is it the soil, the variety, the weather, the farmer? – all the above I often hear.”

What does good food mean to you?

“I love Italian food for its simplicity; I love French food for the way it amplifies an ingredient and its focus on the quality of ingredients; I love Chinese food for its robust flavour and endless variety; and I adore Japanese food for its pursuit of single-minded perfection.”

“Good food to me is food which, above all, tastes good, is made with natural and wholesome ingredients, is made with care and consideration and brings a smile to your face.”

You’re clearly a big foodie. Where did this passion for good food come from?

“I grew up in Paris and was exposed to food markets and the French way of life from a young age. At that time in France, you got a fresh baguette for both lunch and dinner – it was just the way. I distinctly recall staying with my friend in Brittany one summer – we would go out on their boat to set lobster traps, bring back the freshly-caught lobsters and cook them that day. These sorts of early experiences stay with you as you grow up.”

Who does the cooking at home?

“I do the cooking at home – I love it. I interned at a Michelin-starred restaurant during my college holidays and learnt a lot about what goes into making food exceptional so, to this day, I can’t help but pay a great deal of attention to every detail when cooking.”

Your wife, Taslim, is the co-founder of Little Freddie. What is it like working with your partner every day?

“Wonderful! We work long hours and travel between Hong Kong (where we currently live) and Europe a lot such that working together makes it that much easier. We are fortunate that we have very complementary skill sets so we don’t step on each other’s toes too much which works for us.”

Any parenting titbits or advice for new parents?

“We try our hardest to treat our children as our equals. Just as we ask them not to interrupt us, we don’t interrupt them. We find positive encouragement and focussing on what they do well brings much better results than constantly correcting or disciplining them. Add to this a big, big dose of patience. Some days are better than others as any parent would know!”

Always organic

Always organic

Always nutritious

Always nutritious

Always delicious

Always delicious