Meet our founder

Founder Piers is a foodie at heart. Interested in food from a young age, one of his earliest childhood memories is going to the food markets in Paris where he lived for the first ten years of his life. Fast forward 30 years, various jobs across the world, and his first child Amelia was born.

When it came to feeding Amelia, Piers felt the options were really limited, with a distinct lack of quality. Everything was bland and generic, a world apart from the Parisian food markets where apples are sold by their variety, and vegetables by where they are from.

At its heart Little Freddie is about using high quality, premium, sophisticated ingredients from farmers we know and trust. We pioneered the use of Golden Delicious and Pink Lady apples, grass-fed British beef, authentic Parmigiano Reggiano DOP, farmhouse cheddar, to name but a few. We always place taste and quality above price, which is why we use 20% beef and chicken in our recipes - double other brands.

In choosing Little Freddie you are choosing to feed your baby the best.

Q&A with Piers

Amelia is your first born but you named the company after your youngest, Freddie. Is Amelia upset you didn’t name your company after her?

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“Not yet, she still proudly tells her friends the company was named after her brother. We involve her just as much as Freddie, so I think she feels equally involved and proud.”

Why do you feel it’s important to personally visit the farms you source your ingredients from?

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"I want Little Freddie to be known for the quality of the ingredients we use and, as any chef worth his salt knows, if you don’t use good quality ingredients you won’t get a good end result. I’m fascinated by why an ingredient is better grown where it is – is it the soil, the variety, the weather, the farmer? So, from the very outset I’ve made it my mission to ensure that we are using the best ingredients out there, and that starts with knowing where you source from."

What does good food mean to you?

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“I love Italian food for its simplicity; I love French food for the way it amplifies an ingredient and its focus on the quality of ingredients; I love Chinese food for its robust flavour and endless variety; and I adore Japanese food for its pursuit of single-minded perfection. Good food to me is food which, above all, tastes good, is made with natural and wholesome ingredients, is made with care and consideration and brings a smile to your face.”

What is your favourite Little Freddie product?

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“I especially like our Creamy Blueberry and Banana Greek Style Yoghurt, it has a wonderful flavour and as the name suggests creamy texture. It perfectly represents what Little Freddie is about: we use wild blueberries because they taste better and West Country yoghurt, because the best yoghurt comes from there.”

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