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Little Freddie's Little Known Facts

As every parent knows there’s a wealth of information out there, which in some cases can be contradictory, making it hard to know your right path.

Research we conducted shows that mums and dads in the UK are feeling pressure to be the ‘perfect’ parent from a number of sources, which can have a real impact on their mental health, especially when it comes to first-time parents.

Little Freddie's Little Known Facts research Little Freddie's Little Known Facts research

Through our #littleknownfacts campaign we want to share the facts about weaning and the shared challenges parents face, alongside nutritional facts about our products to allow parents to make an informed decision. By sharing funny and relatable facts of parenting, we hope it will raise a smile amongst parents and encourage them to share that smile with other parents to show solidarity. Any parent will know that it isn’t always smooth sailing and a small gesture from a fellow parent can make a difference.

76% of parents said a smile from a fellow parent would make them feel better during a trying day

58% of parents found that talking to a friend or a fellow parent about their worries made them feel better

Outlets such as exercise (43%) and ‘me time’ (43%) helps parents deal with the stresses and anxiety associated with first time parenthood

We’ve been working with the PANDAS Foundation on shedding a light on the important subject of perinatal mental health. Annie Belasco from PANDAS said: “As a foundation, we support thousands of parents each year with our peer to peer support and hope that by increasing awareness, and encouraging parents to do something as simple as share a smile with a fellow mum or dad, will help to reduce stress and anxiety.”

What help is there out there?

Our paediatric nutritionist Jo Rayner, who works on all our recipes, recommends the NHS start4life website for advice and guidance on weaning.

For pre and post natal advice and support visit the PANDAS website.

You can also email us at with any of your questions. Our sustainable baby food range is available at our stockists and through our online shop.